2015 is Now Behind Us. We Lost Our Beloved Co-Founder, Bass Player Extraordinaire and Most Importantly Brother Tim Ingles.

We Still Pulled it Off, Week After Week at Our now "10 Years in a Row" Weekly Residency at Slade's Jazz Bar & Grille of Boston.

Band Members Were Also Busy Traveling and Sharing The Band Stand with Different Projects.

Frank Wilkins was out on the road few times with Semenya McCord, Lenny Stallworth played the Bermuda with the Ray Hargrove "RH Project" at the Aruba Jazz Festival as well as other Cities. Drum Chair Bellotti traveled 6 times to Europe for Master Classes Tours and Performances with Spajazzy and to promote his latest Dance Production titled "Washington AC" and co-produced by Dj Randy Norton.

Frank Wilkin's Composition (Dr. Doolittle, writtent in 1975 and Recorded Several TImes Already on Different Projects) has been tracked once again. This time by Sergio Bellotti's project, Spajazzy, which features also co-leader Tino D'Agostino, Frank Wilkins and Keyboards and Guitar Legend Mike Stern as a Special Guest. Stay Tuned for a Release Date and a Link to the Download/Purchase Page.