About Us:Founded in 1975 by Pianist Frank Wilkins, WeJazzUp Cooks Your Music Colletion or Live Listening Pleasures,"Well Done". From Trio to Large Ensemble, Always Soulful Through Melodies You Have Heard, Originals You Would Want to Hear Again and Alwa

Current Members:

Frank Wilkins, Co-Founder,Pianist, Music Director aka The Man Behind the Acclaimed and Renown "Frank Wilkins Vocal Showcase". Credits Include: Mike Stern, Dee Bridgewater,Don Byron, Najee, Kevin Eubanks & many more

Lenny Stallworth, Electric Bass. Credits Include: Najee, Kenny Garrett, Roy Hargrove. Also a Berklee College of Music Faculty.

Sergio Bellotti, Drums. Credits Include: Mike Stern, Tom Scott, Robben Ford, Nathan East, Bernard Purdie, Rocco Ventrella.

Also a Berklee College of Music Faculty.

Former Members:

Tim Ingles, Co-Founder, Electric Bass. Credits Include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Laverne Baker, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues legends Donald Byrd, Fred Wesley, Pharaoh Saunders, Yuseef Lateef. Visit the R.I.P. Tim Ingles's Dedicated Section

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